Hannah Sloman is a nursing student with dyslexia. Sonocent Audio Notetaker has made it possible for her to pursue her vocation.

The background

At the time, she was starting a degree in nursing at the University of Chester and knew that she would have to take lots of notes in lectures and on placements.

“Taking good notes is essential on my course. I need to capture everything that I am taught so that I can revisit the material, commit it to memory and apply what I have learned on placement.”

The challenge: studying with dyslexia at degree-level

Hannah has dyslexia which affects her ability to take written notes and compose essays. She was looking for software that would allow her to create complete records of lectures, and annotate the information that she would need to revisit.

“I wanted an easy way to take recordings of lectures and instruction from my mentor on placements. But I am too busy to spend hours going through recordings trying to find the important bits – so it was important that the software allowed me to mark   them up as I listened.”

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