How did Lloyds Banking Group deliver a service for disabled staff that, according to 77% of line managers, produced a ‘dramatic improvement’ in their performance? How did they halve the average cost of delivering ‘workplace adjustments’, whilst cutting the time taken to provide them from over three months to just 14 days? This Business Disability Forum (BDF) case study provides the answers, exploring how Lloyds worked with Microlink to develop a groundbreaking new service – offering valuable lessons for anyone interested in reducing an organisation’s costs and improving delivery.

Produced by BDF chief executive Susan Scott-Parker, the report examines reforms introduced by Lloyds in 2012 and profiles a Microlink service accessed over the following two years by nearly 19,000 of Lloyds’ 100,000-strong workforce. Drawing on interviews, management information and survey data, it shows how Lloyds re-engineered its systems to treat disability issues as a matter of staff performance rather than legal compliance; producing huge returns in process efficiency, staff engagement and workforce productivity.

At the centre of these reforms lies the introduction of a dedicated workplace adjustments service. Developed and run by Microlink, this pulls together responsibilities previously split between line managers and departments such as HR, Legal, IT and Facilities Management. Creating a single centre of expertise cuts transactional cost, generates economies of scale and enables other back office functions to concentrate on their core goals. The greatest benefits however, lay in providing a faster and more effective service to disabled staff, helping them to work at their full potential whilst driving down churn and sickness absence.

The report sets out the new approach that underpinned Lloyds’ reforms, and details the changes to reporting systems, staff responsibilities and service capabilities that were required. Setting out the critical success factors and the evidence on outcomes, it shows how Microlink helped Lloyds to get the best from its workforce – and to make big savings along the way.


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