Apply: Microlink can be your Gateway Organisation

We can help you apply for and secure Kickstart job placements regardless of how many placements you are able to offer.  We will:

  • Help you to identify roles to meet your needs
  • Apply and submit job roles that meet the eligibility requirements of Kickstart
  • Partner you with other organisations if you have less than 30 job placements and apply on your behalf as your Gateway organisation

Support: Your Kickstart Wraparound Support Service Partner

As your Kickstart Wraparound Support Service Partner we can offer you a tailored package to ensure you get all the benefits of a Government-subsidised Kickstart placement without the strain to your resources including:

  • An online, accessible tool for screening strengths and challenges and providing a detailed report with solutions to optimise a person’s support.
  • A 1:1 Counselling session (1hr) with a Psychologist, reviewing the results of the Screening, initial career counselling, goal setting for the 6-month employment, positive assessment report to refer to, including any specific management requirements, for example disability support.
  • 6x 2.5hrs Skills for the Workplace Workshops (1 per month). Designed by Psychologists and run by qualified Coaches. To include a workbook of exercises to complete, covers individual and team performance, managing conflict and communication. Will be adapted to fit the challenges identified for each cohort as per the initial screening, e.g., in literacy, numeracy, communication.
  • A 1:1 Outplacement counselling session (1hr) with a Psychologist at 4 months, to support and focus on career counselling and aiding the individual move into the next employment or enhance skills for remaining at the same role.
  • 3x Participants Survey. One at the beginning, one at 3 months and one at the end of the 6 months. Designed by psychologists. Anonymised to encourage honest reflections. Positive and future focused to provide learning. Summarised into an executive report.
  • An array of services on disability support, coping strategies, training, as required for each role.


If your organisation is looking to offer 30 or more Kickstart placements, please visit:

If your oganisation is looking for less than 30 Kickstart placements, or would like Microlink to guide you through the process please fill out the below form.

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