Microlink is proud to be part of the new series of Employable Me 2

As the UK’s leaders in Assistive Technology and Workplace Adjustments we have supplied the show with Assistive Technology and expert know-how on how disabilities and conditions can be supported with technology solutions within the workplace.
These solutions can also be used within education and at home.

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Microlink’s Barry Croniken
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Featured in Episode 3

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Chartered Psychologist Nancy Doyle
and her team of expert coaches

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Products featured in the show

OrCam – MyEye

A compact device with insightful functionality. Hear any text, appearing on any surface. Recognize the faces of people in your life. Identify supermarket products and money notes. For people who are blind, visually impaired, or have dyslexia, aphasia or other conditions. OrCam MyEye gives independence.

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Readit Scholar HD from Visionaid

The Scholar HD is an exceptionally high resolution 3-in-1 camera that is compact, lightweight and works with the Readit software which provides OCR scanning of any printed material. It enables instant access to printed documents converting them to large print & text-to-speech output. Ideally suited to any visually impaired or blind business or education computer user, who wants near instant, easy and accurate access to printed documents both at close up (up to A3 in size) and uniquely at distance.

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Ruby XL HD

Portable video magnifier, enables the user to see more text on the screen at a higher level of magnification. This device can be used to read a wide range of material such as letters, newspapers, recipes, jam jars, bottles and more.

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Sight Plus Portable Magnifier

Hands-free solution designed for home/office use and offers the ability to enlarge text and enhance the remaining sight for people with limited vision. GiveVision SightPLUS Goggles will help you with reading, watching TV and recognising items while keeping your posture right and hands free.

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Livescribe Echo

Record everything you hear, say, write and draw. Wirelessly sync notes and audio you can replay, organize, search and share your interactive notes anytime and anywhere

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Kondator Ergoslider Plus

Designed for use with a computer in place of a mouse but promotes a better posture and is easier to use for people with limited manual dexterity.

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Magnifies screen text

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Brain in Hand

App offering coping strategies for Autism or Asperger’s conditions.
Relieves stress during decision making processes by pre- entering what to do / who to call in situations that trigger condition.

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Software speech to text. Software that recognises your voice, patterns and tones to write, spell and add grammar directly to computer. Used by Dyslexics and people with mobility restrictions but is now becoming more mainstream in workplace and classrooms.

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Big Red Switch

for people with limited manual dexterity

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Track pad

highly sensitive trackpad technology for people with limited manual dexterity

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High Vis Keyboard

sight & cognitive conditions

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Tobii Communicator

Software that uses eye gaze technology to allow user to communicate. For people with little or no mobility and communication barriers.

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Ubi Duo

Communication device that allows people to conduct a face to face conversation without speech in real time. Mainly used by Deaf and hard of hearing but also used by people with Autism with speech barriers. Wireless communication.

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