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Signly app uses augmented reality in a smart layer of British Sign Language (BSL) signed content directly to the user's mobile device.

Videos are very popular with Deaf people and for some, BSL is their first language. Open the app, point your device at the Signly-enabled print or barcode and signed content will appear as if by magic. This smart layer of signed, captioned or spoken filmed digital information on the screen of a Deaf person own mobile device that animates, translates and stimulates their experience by making essential information accessible.

Signly app is free to users - content owners pay to have their materials Signly ‘enabled’ such as letters, leaflets and flyers, etc…. Here is a video to see the Signly app in action and contact us for further information.

Deaf/Hearing Loss Awareness

This new and exciting course provided by Microlink ensures that you and your organisation can communicate effectively with Deaf & Hard of Hearing employees and colleagues.

Our Awareness course offers a bespoke package for effective communication within the working environment within your organisation to be more accessible for deaf and people with hearing loss.

Offering immediate benefits for your staff and helping them to overcome the communication barriers within the working environment. Please contact us for further information and/or to book for an exclusive session.

“I found it interesting and informative and really made me think about what it must be like to be deaf or hard of hearing. I have a better appreciation of how much harder and exhausting it is for a hearing loss person to communicate on a day to day basis and it was good to have a few pointers on the little things about when communicating.“
- Lloyds Bank work colleague

Remote Captioning

This is a service that allows people to read what is being said for those who are unable to fully participate when attending meetings or teleconference calls due to a hearing loss. The captioning is streamed live to an internet enable device via a web browser while the captioner who is listening to the discussion types on a specialise keyboard allowing them to type up over 200 words per minute with some typing up to 300 words per minute.

The text on screen is full verbatim in real time allowing the employee to be activity involve in the discussions, there is only 3-5 second delay with a good quality reliable internet connection.

To access this service, all you need is an internet connection and microphone, or we can dial into your teleconference call. Captioning can be used for events, webinars and conferences, email or call us to book this service or for further information.

Please note there is a minimum booking of 1 hour which is including the cost of calling into the conference phone and subject to availability.

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